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Nab (naab & naap)

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None active beginner. A newb that isn't actively participating in advancing the goals of the team/mission
Slightly annoying, also pertains to Nob (derived from knobhead - an english expression for somone being annoying and slightly dumb, expressed in a merry way).

Nap - None active player
Naab - Using nab as a derivative of noob.

Nap / Naap - about the same as above but disguising them to use them in the open without thf player knowing (yes there is an actual difference in wording but the Word is idiomatic; you use the moster common form which isn't neccessarily the correct one).

Come on kick that nab, this is a mid to high game and u got one more f**king player...
Nab Nab naab naab Nap noob noob nob Newb Newb naap Knobhead
Av IAL den 13 oktober 2022  0 kommentarer

Nab (naab & naap)? Kan du förklara?