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So,Today we were scheduled to prneest our project proposal to the team of supervisors that created the intern mission with our school’s Next Move department. They are made up of 5 of the 13 individuals that run what is the TRCVB and the company’s CEO, Director of Marketing & Communications and VP lady sat in as well.We were all pretty fine until we weren’t; we started feeling that panicky tension you get before a big event. Together we reminded ourselves that this was a tool just to help us – the team was their to HELP US, not JUDGE US… not yet anyway. This was an okay thing and so far and so forth. So after their group meeting of what we assumed was about us, we made our way into the conference room and though our speaking skills were a bit shaky, (teenage girls tend to get nervous sometimes :] ) we delivered what they found to be very impressive.Yes, we know we DEFINITELY could have approved on some things, but we weren’t too hard on ourselves – this was the first prneestation out of a few after all. It doesn’t even have to be considered a prneestation anyway. Just a confirmation to continue or not and feedback on how to make it better. The real prneestation will be on the 31st, to a board of city importants including our supervisors and our career counselors from The Next Move Department.Anywho, we were kinda worried some of the adults didn’t really like us – I think it turns out that they were just unsure of what we were doing. The window to our office was kind of… covered, lol. We posted our brainstorming sheets on the glass and set our brainstorm board in front of it as well so you’d have to work to see what we were exactly doing in that small space dedicated to 5 giggling, teenage girls. But, we got down to business and they were, I believe, a little bit surprised. They said they weren’t expecting something terrible, (then again they could have just been being generous) but that they weren’t exactly sure what to expect and that they were pleasantly surprised at the ideas we thought of and the detail in which we thought about each, (don’t know if I already meantioned there are 5 features to the project, but there are and we’ll go into detail on that at some point other than this). So they sent us out to debrief for themselves and we took a breathe and did the same in our little power room. When we were summoned back to the big meeting room, they gave praise and informed us of what the rest of the day would look like on their part so we could correspond to meet with them to discuss topics such as logistics for paper advertisements and introduction to the format/styling of their website, (information needed for we plan to advertise this program online as well).Then, we all kind of split and they went to another meeting/lunch as we went off to go eat lunch. We kind of prolonged our breaktime today and you know what, I think it was fine because we had gotten so much done within the past 3-4 days when we were REALLY informed on what we were doing THE FIRST DAY OF THE DAMN INTERNSHIP. We are proud of ourselves and though our break was much downtime, we still put a little work in it, (taking pictures of local art pieces in the DOWNTOWN TACOM area… that’s needed for this brochure/map and geocache idea we have that are also aspects to the whole project.) When it neared the time that the 2 supervisors we needed to meet with would be returning, we went back to the office and socialised, (spelling error probably, sorry) while doing a little research because we wanted to get all of the information we could out of one of the supervisors who is kind of known as a fountain of info; this way, after talking with him, we’d know what direction to head in for research besides the targets we had already set for ourselves.The day ended with dimension styling for the brochure/map, a rough scheduling of tomorrow’s plan, practice with the TRCVB’s web and overall preparation for tomorrow.That’s the dayâ€

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